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Friday, May 2, 2014

Hey everyone, my mom messaged me again this morning and asked me to post some of her message to the blog. Here it is. Also it is her writing to me so it is a letter type perspective.

Today I worked in the clinic doing vitals. Wow, what an experience! It was a great experience; yet a difficult one as well. Seeing all of the hurting, suffering people is sometimes very difficult. I saw a little boy of 6, who looked about 3, that was burned by boiling water on his shoulders, back, back of the head and side of the head. He has had to suffer through village medicine (dung) treatments for a week. It was so very sad, I almost couldn't contain my emotion. His family didn't even carry him but made him walk. You could see the dried dung/and skin hanging on by pieces, and fresh blood dripping, he was in so much pain. He is being admitted, given IV fluids and pain meds til Dad can do surgery tomorrow am for him, even though it is sat. Dad said most of his ear is gone, he will need a lot of skin grafts. Saw a lady have a full on seizure on the floor of the waiting room, and they really just left her there. She calmed then fell asleep, they left her on the floor. Very sad, the lack of privacy, and of course no HIPA, just everyone at the same time being seen, it's all difficult to watch. Dad had a mouth/jaw access from dental cavities that was so horrible. Her white count was 68000. She was almost dead. They took her to the OR, and now are watching her and continue to remove infection. She will have some more teeth removed to hopefully stop the infection from taking any more of her jaw and neck. Several surgeries have gone well, hysterectomies, hernia repairs, a huge neck mass was removed from a guy, Marcs done several urology cases. The fun things tho are the kids on the compound. Such laughter and fun. Cado is so good with the little girls. Chasing and teasing, their laughter is amazing! Dawn, Rachel, and I will go to town tomorrow to find fabric for Kadiatu's friend to make us dresses. Actually, Jeaneatte, the gal I carried the computer over for, pulled me aside today while i was working. She bought fabric for me and had her friend measure me for a dress as a thank you for bringing her the computer. They are such a loving people, and are very generous and kind!

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  1. So cool you're using the abilities God gave you to help others in need. Many blessings will be yours!