Our family's heart is filled with the hope of our calling in Christ Jesus and we want to share! Our home town and now Hope Clinic is where we are called. We want to share our adventure with you!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Skops for Hope!!

The boxes loaded in the back of our truck are headed to Hope Clinic, Guinea, West Africa.  They are filled with laparoscopic equipment for the Operating Room at Hope!  Please pray as these boxes travel from Portland, OR to Missouri to be loaded on a container to be driven to the East Coast to be put on a container ship (think Captain Phillips...thus the prayer!) and floated across the Atlantic, delivered to Conakry, Guinea and driven the 17 hours across the country to arrive at Hope, in time for us to be there so Jeff can help install it in late April. God has performed a miracle already in the donation of this equipment.  Every piece of the puzzle is falling into place without any maneuvering on our part!  So, we are confident God will continue to lay it all out according to His plan, which is so much higher than ours!  We are excited to see what He is going to do! There are people who have offered to go ahead of us to prepare the OR with the necessary remodel to accept the equipment.  We want God to be glorified with this endeavor, not us, and we are confident that this equipment will bring a new meaning to "healing" at Hope Clinic and that many lives would be led to Christ as a result.

Yes, I did say "us"...we have decided that God wants me (Jen) and our two youngest (Cade and Krae) to go with Jeff this next trip.  It is a very uncertain time and the details are way beyond our understanding right now, however, we fully believe God is calling us to go together this time (thanks Jeremiah for the inspiring message Sunday! It was a defining moment for us!)  So one day at a time, we will follow His leading and provision to get us there.  I know there are a few others praying about joining us to make a "small" team as Hope can only handle so many visitors at one time.  Won't you be a part of our prayer support starting right now!?  Pray that all of us who are led by God to go will follow His leading and trust Him to supply the money and that the details of planning such a trip will fall into place.  It's too big for us alone, we know that. We want to rely on Him fully to allow this to happen.  Stay tuned for more updates as I have news to report!
Thank you for being willing to pray us through this calling on our lives!  We will let you know of ways you can support financially if you are called to do so as the process moves along and our plans become more clear.  God is truly amazing and we want everyone to know!

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  1. We are so excited to hear this news! Jeff and Connor never said one word about this to us on Tues. night...only basketball talk. :) Please know that we will be praying for you and love you all very much.