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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Guinea 2013

This is Jen, reporting a little for Jeff.  He is in Guinea again!  He arrived last Saturday, July 13.  He is travelling this time with Dr. Bob Alaimo and his daughter, Lizzy.  They arrived safely via a new route.  They landed in Monrovia, Liberia and crossed the border into Guinea for a shorter drive to Hope Clinic in N'Zao. All went smoothly for their trip and boarder crossing.  The do not have much internet service to speak of this trip so that's why I am posting a little update.  Even I will not have the details he normally shares because our communication is very limited.

Dr. Alaimo is seeing patients in the medical clinic and Lizzy (she is a college graduate awaiting medical school) is "trying her hand" at surgery in the OR with Jeff.  Dr. Alaimo and Lizzy are there for two weeks, so they will be starting their journey home before too long.  Jeff is there for a month and returns on Aug. 10.

Guinea started experiencing some tribal wars and rioting after their arrival in the country (not a result of their arrival of course!).  N'Zerekore is the closest major city, about 20 kilometers outside of their village of N'Zao.  There has been a good bit of rioting there this past week but things are calming down this weekend after of arrival of the national military.  They shut down the roads going in and out of the big city, which cut down on the patient numbers normally coming to the clinic in the small town of N'Zao, and also kept anyone from going into N'Zerekore to get food or supplies.  However, God has kept them safe and cared for.  They have seen a few patients injured in the riots, including a pastor whose car and church were burned down. The pastor was shot in the leg, sent to the hospital for a splint and sent home.  He was able to get to the clinic where they were able to pin it with an external fixator (another first for Jeff!) to set it.  He is still experiencing God's peace, provision, and protection.

Thanks for all your prayers and concerns.  I will try to post as I get information to post!  Pray for Jeff, Bob, and Lizzy,  for their protection, their ability to help others, and their own personal experiences!  The boys and I are doing great and keeping very busy with baseball, work, camp and the usual busyness we experience here.  We are trusting God with "Dad" and are grateful he has the opportunity to go and serve!


  1. Thanks, Jen. It's good to get some details. We are praying for all of you.


  2. Thank you, Jen. Our prayers are with Jeff and your family.