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Monday, July 29, 2013

We were able to talk with Jeff Saturday afternoon for a bit and again today.  I did not post Saturday since I was running a little trying to get ready to leave for Kel's regional tournament in Centralia, WA.  Plus, not much new news to post.  He is safe and doing well.  On Saturday they were able to go into N'Zerekore (bigger city where the uprising took place) to visit some of the places/churches that were burned down and also some families who had lost loved ones.  Jeff said it was extremely sobering but did not pass much more information on besides that.  Evidently, the government over there is very controlling of the media and what it can/can't share.  The uprising was much worse than we were led to believe and many more (100 reported, probably more like several hundred at least) people were killed than was reported.  What had begun as a tribal war over stolen property turned into a religious fight which is why the churches (Christians) were targeted (Guinea is a strongly Muslim culture).  One man he, Con, and Kel had met last year during their trip lost 8 family members in this rioting.  He took as many pictures as he could and said he'd have to describe what he saw and stories he heard after he gets home.  On Sunday, they enjoyed church together in the local village and had some time to visit with the local doctors and get some rest.

He said it is definitely busier than usual during this time of Ramadan (Muslim holiday).  So he is grateful for that.  However, he said it is still quiet enough that he is having more time to build relationships with people, which of course is easier since he has been back several times.  He appreciates your prayers and your interest in how God is working over there.  Please, continue to pray for him...for wisdom and direction medically and the time and opportunity to share Christ with whomever he can.  Pray for us here as well as we battle busyness of baseball, getting Connor ready to leave for college (he is quite ready :) maybe me not so much!), brotherly love shown in the form of fighting and arguing, and making a bunch of cupcakes for a wedding this upcoming weekend!  NEVER a dull moment here, nor there in Africa.  Although the places we are in and the experiences we are having are totally different, we are all still serving God wherever we are (you too!).  Let's support each other in prayer and encouragement whenever and wherever we can!  I love and appreciate you ALL and look forward to being able to hear more from Jeff when he returns!

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  1. Thanks again Jen for the update. Glad you have been able to talk to him again. We and many people we know are praying for Jeff and you and the boys. May the Lord protect all of you during this time of separation, and give you grace and strength to do His will daily. Love you!