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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday, July 25

We were all able to talk to Jeff today, all the boys "happened" to be at home when he called.  Something to be thankful for!  It's the first time we were all able to talk to him during the same phone call!  He is still doing well and is keeping very busy.  The Alaimos starting traveling home today and he did get verification that they made it safely from the drive to Monrovia.  

He says the hospital is full except for one bed (20 is capacity) and that's only happened one other time when he was there, so he is excited to see so many people able to come by for medical care.  He actually did a surgery he knows how to do yesterday, an emergency appy!  Most of surgeries he is doing, however, are of the orthopaedic or neurologic variety! The riots are all but quieted down, the military has everything "under control" and is allowing limited traveling in and out of the bigger city which allows more people to come to the clinic again.

Ryan, too bad you didn't have your accident while he was stateside, I'm sure he'd have been able to whip something together to fix you up!

Sorry, still not too many stories to tell, hopefully he'll feel up to writing a few, or cutting and pasting some of his surgical journaling for you guys after he gets home.  Thanks for all your concern and prayers!  I know he appreciates them ALL!

Jen for Jeff

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  1. Thank you, Jen. It's good to know things are calming down a little and he's busy with surgeries and caring for the people again. We are continuing to pray for safety and peace for all of you. Love you!